House of the rising sun,

Yes yes. That Bob Dylan song has been on repeat for about a day and a half now. Merk. I’ve had a xanger before but I have never had an actual “blog.” Hope I’m doing it all right. Actually, I take that back I don’t care. It’s my blog. I’ve just got to say that here in Austin, the people are truly weird. I love it though. I don’t have to shower or fix my hair when I leave the apartment. (Not that I ever did in Lubbock) People don’t care what you look like and everyone here is super nice. Weird as shit, but nice. Must be all the drugs everyone does that puts them in a good mood.

Hey Lubbock, you should try some crack or something so maybe everyone won’t be assholes that live there. Heh.
Oh, my little kitter cats are being too cute. They’ve found Brandon’s school bag and sleep in it. I can place them in there and just drag them around. So sweet. Except for Link scratched my face and I have a huge scab on my chin. Awesome.
As for Harley pups, he is being his sweet, sleepy self with bad breath as usual. He still won’t quit eating cat poop though. So sick.
Nom. Nom. Brandon looks so cute in his little chef uniform/outfit he has to wear to school daily. So precious! I have to wake up early and see him off and put his hair in a ponytail because he doesn’t know how to. So far he’s loving the classes and I’m so very proud of him. Plus his knife set is worth $4,000, and it’s badass.
We’re having a little trouble finding jobs here, but I’ve gotten a couple of hits on my posting to be a nanny. One lady is willing to pay me $20 an hour for a month while she’s here for business. I pray to God I get that one! I’d be a billionaire! Or close to one at least…
Welp, smoke time. I’m boring.

This is all move love to the whole universe.


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