Early bird special!

Mmm, nothing like a tummy ache at 5:30 in the morning. :/ ,
I saw Brandon off to school, and would’ve stayed asleep if it wasn’t for my damn neighbor upstairs making so much racket. My mom and I were talking and we think that he’s chopping bodies or something up there. He’s got to be doing something illegal because he is seriously up day and night throwing himself onto the floor or something. But, mother and I also have very morbid imaginations so who knows. He just needs to quit moving, period.
My coffee got cold and I’m too lazy to get out of bed and go heat it back up. Damn!
I love skyping with my family in the mornings. I was playing Lady GaGa to my sisters for them to wake up. I’m a regular ‘ole Dj.
My littest sister got glasses yesterday, how cute! So now all of us have glasses. Way to rock the blindness, huh? 😉

Why is it sooo cold!?
I’m literally shivering at the thought of getting up for the day. Bleh.

I’m really hoping I get this nanny job coming up, because if I do, it’ll be for only 4 weeks, and i’ll be getting paid around $3,000. That’s like, a zillion dollars to me. That’s also like, hello i can take another month off of working again after that. Heh.
I can also afford to do my daily Dollar Store/Wal-mart/Target runs. EEEK!

Hm. Will someone in Lubbock please send me Taco Villa or Rosa’s? I’m craving and missing both of those things oh so badly! Just mail it, i’d probably still eat it i’m that desperate…

Ersh. I guess I’m going to get up, run the pup out, feed the fatass kitters and cook myself something for breakfast.
Here’s something to leave you with!


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