(Through the looking glass)

The past two days I’ve been extremely down. I know it’s the lack of human contact, not having a job/money, and no car..but it’s really starting to get to me. I feel like I’ve been caged up for years, except it’s only been two weeks. I love my little apartment, Brando and the pets but I really need to see outside of these cutely decorated walls.
Only one more week until my family comes to bring my car and visit me. I’m so excited!
I’m thrilled to drive around by myself, smoke a cigarette, roll the window down and listen to music. (as stupid as that sounds) Who would’ve thought I would ever miss driving and working? Weird.
I’m going through another “Friends” stage. I watch about 2 discs a day until sadly, I will get to the last one and be upset with myself that I watched them too fast. Stupid. Stupid.
I’m getting more into anime for some odd reason. Hm. Probably because I’m feeling so odd.
I need friends! I need a job! AHHH.! I’m literally fucking going insane…
No, but really. My daily routine consists of waking up and seeing Brando off to school, skyping with my family while my little sisters get ready for school and my parents drink coffee, (insert nap here) and then boredom sets in until I finally go back to sleep. Eesh.
I think tomorrow I’m just going to sit on the patio the whole day. I need fresh air and I’d walk the pup around but we secretly have all of our animals here and are avoiding the dreadful pet deposits. Soon I’ll get my car and we’ll go to the park like we did back home, I promise.
Welp. My fingers are tired from knitting, so I suppose I’ll take a bubble bath, drink some chai and read until I pass out.

(away, away!)


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