You can see that birds and worms don’t get along, self righteous me so wrong.

Mah. I am sitting at home alone, which is fine. BUT. I went out to smoke on the patio and heard something in the bush’s. I’m pretty sure it was either a bum or a kitty. I’m really hoping it was a kitty. I am a frady cat when it comes to being home alone. Ack. Ack.
Hm.. what to do what to do? I made some badass little yellow/chocolate swirl cupcakes..yet there is no one here to eat them. And I don’t want them. I just like to bake stuff.
I’ve played a few games of Super Mario and have gotten so completely frustrated and pissed that I’m kind of not in a good mood anymore. But alas, I figured out how to plug in the vcr so I’m set on some Disney movies for a bit.
I’m getting pretty tired of traveling to wal-mart to exchange tights. Here’s the story: I bought a super cute pair, brought them home and realized that they were little girl tights, and wouldn’t go past my knees. FAIL. So I exchanged them for a box of four tights, took those bad boys home and realized that they are pantyhose, not tights. FAIL AGAIN. So, now I’m going to have to go back to the dreadful lines yet again. Yuck yuck.

// Float along along along.
This is by far my new favorite movie of all time. If you haven’t seen Ponyo, make it a priority that you do.
I’m simply in love with how cute it is.

Today I went to a Goodwill here in Austin and let me tell you, I about shit my pants. This was the biggest, most amazing Goodwill I’ve ever seen. I wanted to buy so many things (but couldn’t due to being broke) it was unreal. I also found this amazing book store yesterday that has used books/records/comics. Their romance section was unbelievable and the smell of wood and old books was so overwhelming; I loved it. I’m actually going to go and apply there as soon as I get my car.
Anyway. I’m going to go and torture my kitties or something.


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