Lost at Sea,

Oh my goodness. I don’t think i’ve felt this shitty in quite a while. What is with the sickness in Austin? My body hurts, my tummy hurts, my head hurts. Everything on me hurts. I’m also pretty sure I’ve gotten Brando sick as well. *cough.
Sooner or later I am going to kill Link (one of my cats) if he does not stop trying to eat my fish! He’s got this weird obsession with climbing on the counter, onto the bookshelf and standing right in front of the fish bowl, slightly tapping at the fish. Whilst he is doing this task, he manages to knock over books, glass owls, and mostly stuff that is made out of glass. I’ve secretly planted tape on the counter and by the fish to see if I can trap him in the act..we’ll see how well this plays out.
My oh my I cannot wait for my family to visit me on Friday! They’re bringing my car! (YAY!) and they’re staying for the rest of the weekend. I’ll get to show them the neat parks, take them up the mountain and walk them around downtown and such. Too bad Shy can’t come. Stupid SAT crap. Oh well, maybe she’ll get to visit during spring break or something neat like that. Hehe, my daddy is too cute. He’s called me at least 8 times this morning making sure he’s got the right route planned out to get to my house and the hotel reservations. It’s really funny, and I can honestly say I miss him a lot. But I am so thankful to have such a nice and loving daddy to let me use the credit card when i’d like to get myself Arby’s just because I don’t feel like cooking. Oh my, moving has really made me realize what a beautiful life I have with my family, fiance’ and friends. Xoxo.
I keep having insane dreams. Some where I have ants biting me all over my body, and some where I am protecting my cats from hunters. It’s really weird. I don’t know if i’m going crazy due to the niquil or what. Oh well, at least my dreams are keeping me entertained.
Anyway, last night whilst skyping with my family, my litlest sister decided to pray for our family to all become mermaids with golden tails and wavy hair. I’m thinking that would be pretty neat. But isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

! Oh, Brando and I bought some badass bath crayons and they are the neatest things ever created. I love this boy so much. Lately it’s just been us two hanging out, which has been really nice. I mean, we’d love to have friends and hangout with some other people every once in a while, but it just being us feels good. We bought a penguin puzzle, and thank God I picked the 750 piece because he wanted a bigger one and this one so far is so huge we can’t fit it on our coffee table. ! ack!
Hopefully in the next year we’ll be able to finish it. ^_____^ ,

Welp, time to go soak my sickly body in the bath and draw on the walls.


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