The thunder sounds different here,

Even though Lubbock is getting snow, I still wish to be there. Here it’s just raining, the rain isn’t the same, and neither is the thunder. The air smells sweeter than it does in Lubbock, but, my heart feels empty.
Brandon and I are having a really hard time adjusting to all of this. Shitty things keep happening and it feels like we can’t catch a break. My parents brought my car, it broke. My daddy is so sweet and bought me a new car, but can’t get it to me for another week. So, i’m stuck at home, like I have been for a whole flippin’ month. Brandon’s car is acting funny, but that’s nothing new. Although we have our rent paid for February, we’re still freaking out about money. We can’t find jobs anywhere. Many interviews, but no jobs. Plus, everything these days is done online, which is shitty to me because people can’t actually see you or your personality over the screen of a computer.
We’ve gotten desperate and have applied at fast food places, and I’m trying to stay positive, because if I work for McDonalds, I get free food. That’s a perk I suppose. But it just really sucks. I want to be a nanny or work at a daycare and nowhere near me is hiring except for downtown. Which I live a good 30 minutes from…and that’s if there is no traffic. Mugh.
And, while I was in a good mood the other night, I was dancing around singing Anastasia to Brando and a freaking fire ant bit me!

So, I got my haircut, and I think that I resemble a little anime character. It’s a lot shorter than I’ve had it in quite a while, but I was just so miserable and getting some change in my life really made me feel a lot better. It’s weird how little things like that can boost your spirits.

On top of crappy things, I’m really disappointed in people. Not just a few, but all. Now that I’m getting older I’ve realized that making and keeping friends is really hard to do. I’m hoping that Brandon and I find some people to hang out with soon because we are literally going crazy. It’s better to be more mature and let the past be the past than keep in anger.
So. The whole point of this blog was:
-people are shitty
-got my hair cut
-we can’t find jobs
-and i got a new car
//// Mer. Xoxo , ,


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