All about red!

Yay! Too much has been happening lately for me to keep up with this thing.
We got to go to Lubbock this weekend randomly thanks to Brandon’s dad renting us a car.
Always fun to see the loved ones and sit around at home in your old bed. ^___^,

Also, I got a job and have been training/working a shit ton this week.
I’m a teacher, THE MAIN TEACHER, of my 2 year old class. I get to decorate my room however I want.
I get to hang things up, and make the lesson plans and create arts and crafts.
My director and boss told me to be as creative as possible, so I’m so stoked!
I’ve already made my kiddos little heart baggies for their cards, love letters, and heart mobiles.
I’m also super excited about our Valentines party on Friday. I’ve got two sets of Hello Kitty cards.!!

Other than that, I’ve just been being a sleepy head.
Meooowwwwwww and goodnight!


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