Time goes with the wind,

Good God.
It’s been forever since I’ve written in this little thing.
A lot has been going on.
Working full time has really gotten to me. I am always sleepy.
(hence not writing as much)

I’ve grown more in love with Brandon every day.
We needed this move. Not that we were having problems before, but since we’ve moved we’ve gotten so so so close.
Come on December! Nar. Nar. Nar.

Kitties are still getting into mischief, and Harley has decided to join them.
Spring has sprung and I’ve planted some beautiful flowers which are growing and not dead!
I also planted some fresh snap peas, sunflowers, and beans. I didn’t think that they would grow, but they’ve gotten so big that I had to get another planter for them! I’m proud of myself and of my little plants.
I love my little family. Our little home is filled with lots of love. Oh, all the smooches to the cosmos for my boys.



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