Le Meow.

It’s so hard to keep myself awake when Brandon’s at work.
I’m sleepy. But if I take a nap, I won’t sleep during the night.
Result: I still took a fucking nap.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I’ve decided that I’ve got a shopping problem.
Not big stuff. Just, everywhere I go, I must spend money.
Ah ah ah! Dollar Tree you hold my heart. Target, you’ve taken my wallet!
Must…stop…going…places… —

I bought another cup today.
That makes about 6 new cups for myself.
All new cups for my chocolate milk obsession. Yummmmmmaaa.

Does anyone watch that Tori&Dean show? I’ve become a little obsessed with it.
She’s not too attractive but her husband and kids are really cute.
As annoying as she is, I want her clothes. Oh, and her life. But she’s always bitchin’.

I’m really hoping that work goes well this week.
Go! Go! Go! ❤ kisses to the cosmos loves!


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