Come on earth, stay with me.

This past month has been a roller coaster of evil things.
I really hope July brings easier comings.

Here’s a short/brief list of shitful things:
-My brakes go out while I’m driving on I35 ($200) ps. scariest shit ever!
-Brandon’s car goes out like, two days later, still not fixed ($1200)
-Driving back and forth in my car from my work in Round Rock, to Brandon’s work in south Austin in gas ($20 every two days)
-I get tonsilitis ($70)
-I can’t work for a few days, (minus $200)
-Get a flat, buy two new tires ($130)

That’s just the bigger things. But I am trying my best to stay strong, it’s just really hard when you feel helpless.
Thankfully my family comes into town on Wed., and even though I’ll miss 3 days of work, which is like, a LOT of money, I will have them to hold and hug me and put my worries/stress aside.

Brandon took such good care of me whilst I was sick, and I’m so thankful to have him in my life.
He brought me soup, froze my towels, ran my bath, washed my hair, got me anything I needed 24/7.
He’s really the best, and everyone should be jealous. He even cleaned the house because I was panicking over the mess!
Love him to the cosmos really really.

My kitties need to quit eating/shitting so much. I don’t think they realize that mommy and daddy are on a tight budget.
Harley needs to quit taking poo’s on my carpet. I know it’s raining, and that he doesn’t like getting wet, but c’mon duder!
Quit shitting on my floor!

Speaking of rain. I love it. It’s calmed me down a bit, and although I’m well, I still feel a bit drowsy from being deathly ill.
I have Monday off and so does Brandon so I’m thinking we can just cat nap all day and relax.

Welp, anyway. We’re taking donations if anyone cares. 😀
Gotta save money to buy a new car, and/or fix Brando’s car.
Hopefully, like I said, July will be easy on us.
That is all.



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