Bedrest Birthday..

Today I turn 22 years old, and baby girl turns 19 weeks. How ironic!

Brandon got to come into town and visit me for the weekend (a day and a half, not really a weekend) and he got to see her for the first time. As soon as the lady touched my tummy, a beautiful picture of our baby girl sucking her little thumb popped up. It was probably the most beautiful and cutest thing we’d ever seen. And I was so happy that she did this when her daddy was here. She’s already so smart.
Isn’t she beautiful?
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(she was pulling her thumb out right when we snapped the picture, :/, but you get the idea of how brilliant and smart our baby is.)

As for the rest of the weekend, I had fever Thursday night and Friday when Brando got into town, but THANK GOD that went away. Being pregnant and sick literally feels like death. I don’t ever want to feel that way again, I promise you that. So me being sick, we just stayed in and watched movies that night, and I got to cuddle my husband. That time is the best time, and I miss it so much. People never realize how just sitting on the couch with someone means so much.
Saturday we went and looked for houses (some luck, but we’ll see) and got to see the babe, and then that night we went over to his brothers house for pizza and board games. It was so nice to be able to get out of the house and interact with other people. (even though I freak out if there are too many people around)
And I know what you’re thinking. I thought she was on bedrest, how can she be doing all of this? …Well, every once in a while I go places and I sit. I sit in the car. I just sit or lay wherever I’m at, making me look like a beached whale. So no worries people, I’m still sitting on that egg..and the doctor said it was fine.

Sunday we went to Target and spent the rest of our wedding money (sad times) and as we were walking/wheeling around, I ALMOST mangaged to knock down a display and have people stare at me. Stupid scooters. The stores are not very easy to get around, I wish I could sue. So after I cried and we got out of there, we did my birthday lunch at On the Border. It was a horrible time. I ate about 5lbs. of hot sauce though, which was yummy. But I had to sit in a horrible hard wooden chair, our waitress sucked, and so did our food. Not to mention, I had Brandon leaving in an hour on my mind. Not fun.
So he left. And I felt like I wanted to die. Nothing hurts worse than seeing your husband for what seems like a split second, and then watching him drive off. It’s hard. But, only two more months until he’s back here with me. Holding me. Making my breakfast and watching Spongebob together. Until then, we’ve gotta be strong and do what has to be done. (btw, growing up sucks)

Oh! I saved the best for last! While Brandon was here he met up with the owner of the restraunt he’ll be doing his externship at. All went well, he’s going to be getting paid for it, which most chef’s don’t. AND, he might possibly get a head chef position afterwards and in the near future. I’m so proud and excited for him. That’s a very big accomplishment, especially for a chef just coming out of school to be told that. So, while there are some downsides to my birthday (and life in general), there are also beautiful things.

So happy birthday to me. And happy 19th week to chicken.
We’re going to go eat our leftovers now.


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