Kicking away the days..

Today has been the slowest day of my life. I don’t know if it’s the time change, that it’s pretty much dark outside and it’s only 5:30, or what..but this day is just dragging on.
I’ve noticed in the past week or so that i’ve become more hungry. This is a good and bad thing. I want to feed that baby, but I don’t want to become a huge lard either. With my limited activity, things could get rough. Oh well.
I’ve been having some contractions lately, which scare me. But at my high risk doctor last week, they told me it should just be braxton hicks, and I have to just keep an eye on them. AWESOME. Story of my life, everything bad that has happened with this pregnancy has just been, “keep an eye on it.” What the hell. Thanks for giving me amounts of anxiety to deal with on top of just being crazy and pregnant to begin with. Good news is, my placenta has moved up an inch. Which is such a good thing, but it still needs to keep on moving I won’t have to have a premature c-section. With it moving just a bit, I can move around a bit more. Good news, I can move around a little bit without hemmoraging to death. 🙂 I’m aloud to walk around some and get out every once in a while. It feels good, but I’m still honestly and completely scared shitless to even really move that much. I’m taking even more precautions than they are telling me to, because after all, it’s my child. A human. The least chances I can take, the better.

On a happier note, only about 40 more days until Brandon and my babies move home. I cannot wait to decorate my little house (wherever that’ll be) up with Christmas galore. I simply just can.not.wait.!
Baby girl has been kicking me so much and a lot harder lately. It’s probably because she’s already a pound! Such a big, healthy girl. My placenta may be crappy, but it sure is feeding her well, thank God.
At the doctor, I had a horrible ultrasound lady that was rude and mean to me. She made me cry, and didn’t even talk/show me my baby much. She took about 4 pictures total, and they were all bad. I hate her. I hope I never get her again. I know that they do that all day every day, but that’s their job. And when I never get to see my baby, and I’m worried all the time, the least she could do is try to be nice and understanding, even if it’s fake.

On a bad note, our only little car broke down the other day on I35, and poor Brando couldn’t go to work, and we had to call a tow truck to take it into a shop. We got it back again today, and he said it’s still not running too great. I’m so sick of cars. I’m fed up.

So. That has been my life lately. Boring. Good and bad. As most people’s lives are.
I’m just ready for these two months to go buy fast, hope our car makes it back to Lubbock, hope we find a house during Thanksgiving break and hope our baby girl continues to grow strong.
That’s pretty much all..


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