I crave cleaning,

(34wks with my LillyPad)!
Although I’ve done more than I’ve done for weeks, I crave the need to do more.
I am craving to get on my hands and knees and scrubs the baseboards (they aren’t really that dirty, just some places) and to vacuum every inch of the house, wipe down mirrors/counters/tv’s, organize my cabinets/fridge, and organize and mess around in Lilly’s room. I seriously crave these things. Nothing was a better stress reliever to me than cleaning (other than smoking, which I quit a good eight months ago)…and I just want to do it so badly to calm my nerves.
I crave cleaning. Ahhhhhhhhhhh. The smell of cleaners and a good sweat never sounded so good. :/ , *pout pout*

First, as any typical Monday we went to monitoring.
And afterwards, I felt like getting out for a bit so my love and I went to Hastings where I got a decaf pumpkin spice and sat my little tush on the couches and read gossip magazines while he walked around in the movies/music.
Then, we ventured out to Lowe’s to get myself some groceries, and since we were only in there for a short time, I opted out on riding the embarrassing scooter and walked (waddled super slowly).
And now we’re home. And i’m back in bed. Again. Like always.
!!!! It’s so frustrating when I get a little taste of what the real world is like these days, and then as I go to want more, I start hurting and remind myself to sit my ass down, for baby’s sake of course. So in a way, today has been wonderful/hell.

Last time I got checked (cervix wise) things were still about the same, and they told me I could get up a bit more and walk around some, but I’m still too scared to. But now that I’m in the 34th week, I’ve been doing a little every day. If my little love were to come, she’d be fine, maybe a week or two in the NICU and that’s all, so my stress is down, but I still don’t want to go into labor anytime soon. (Even though soon is like, super soon because I only have 6 more weeks until my due date! Freaky!)

So, as I sit here, having a minor contraction, I am racing through my mind all of the things I need to get done before she gets here. Pack my hospital bag. What on earth do you pack in that? I don’t wear a bra or undies (TMI, sorry) and I sit around the house in bed pretty much all day in a t-shirt. So, I’ve decided to pack my toothbrush/paste, contact stuff, my robe (but I use it daily so I’ll just keep it by the bag when I’m not wearing it), and some comfy t’s and a pair of pajama pants. Is that good/decent? I don’t know. I kind of don’t care. I’ll just make Brandon go get the stuff if I forget anything anyway.
As for Lilly, I’ve packed her diaper bag with some things, diapers, little pacifiers, burp clothes, receiving blankets, and mittens. Now if we could only find “the outfit” for her to come home in, I think I’d be set. I’ll probably pack a couple of onesies and other outfits in case I panic and don’t like the one we end up choosing….

In other news, I lay all day in bed with my cats. So my phone is filled with a zillion pictures of them. Because they are my only friends and probably the cutest cats I know…so here’s a glimpse of what’s been going on lately with us felines:

My poor pup can’t get on our new tall bed with us, and I can’t pick him up to put him up here, let alone get him down, so he chills next to the bed in his own little pad we made him. I can’t wait until I can get on the floor and play with him again. He’s getting so old and smelly, I’m afraid I’m losing time with the old man. 😦

Annnd that’s about it for today. I’ve really got to get on the ball about mailing these thank you cards from my baby shower. (which by the way turned out way awesome) Lillian got lots of cute things. This child will be super stylish and super clean. 😀


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