To my little bird:

“and when the sky drops all those feathers
and when the birds sing in the morning
I’ll be a mama, I’ll have a daughter

and I’ll give her melodies
I’ll give her melodies

and she’ll be my little bird
…and then she’ll fly”

I am so in love with this song I stumbled upon. It makes me cry and I just keep replaying it.
I cannot wait for my little to come into this world. I can’t wait to hold her little hands and brush her little hair.
To see her gummy smile for the first time, and to kiss her forehead when she gets sick.
I can’t wait to smell her new baby smell, and pinch her little cheeks…
Becoming a mother is so, so scary, because I am left with someone’s soul in my care, someone who can’t do anything for herself. And whatever happens is all on me. However she turns out is all on me.
But everyday I am becoming more confident, and I promise you little that I will always be here for you no matter what.
I promise I will do the best I can to raise you to be a beautiful, smart, independent, selfless girl in hopes you’ll be the same as a woman.
Your mommy.


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