Ho Hum.

That is what today has really felt like. All day i’ve caught myself going, “hmmmmpphh” out of boredom.
Now that I can get up and move around, I do, but the sleepies have kicked in big time.
I actually slept for a full two hours this morning! That’s a complete miracle. I didn’t get up to pee, or switch positions or anything. I was actually dead asleep! It was amazing and felt sooo good! Even though it was only two hours, I feel like it was an entire night and I was up this morning making potato skins for lunch. (Getting back to being Betty Crocker never felt so damn good!)

The potato skins were alright, but now I’m heating the oven up for a pizza and some buffalo wings for my sweetie when he gets home. When that will be, I don’t really know. What I do know is our shows come in exactly an hour, so I will have food ready and I hope that he will be here. =/

Now, my “hmmppphhs” got ahold of me again this afternoon, I just woke up from a good 45 minute nap and it’s 6:01 p.m. Not good. I’m totally not going to be able to sleep tonight with all of this sleep! But then again, I might considering I get sleepy just siting up these past couple of days…

My Lilly monster is getting so big inside me that I don’t think she can even get comfortable, and that makes me not be able to get comfortable…so I think we’re both just really miserable and ready to stretch out and lay with each other and snuggle instead of this cramped up snuggling thing we’re kind of doing now.
Seems reasonable. Seems like something super cute that I can’t wait for either.
Here is a picture of me looking huge with a 36 week Lillian Rose inside me!

Can you see my sleep face?! I’m just so sleeping and all I can really wear is this tent-like dress now. My maternity shirts and coming up and showing my underbelly like a redneck, and my stretch pants are stretched so much that I had to cut them a little to fit my hips, and well, they still aren’t very comfy. So once again, “Hmmpphhhhh!”

Here’s the picture of the day thingy: Day 12 – A picture of something you love.
All of my little boys! They are my handsome men and I truly love them so much!

Well, that is going to be all for today, my mommy and littlest sister are stopping by for an hour or two. It’s always fun to socialize with real human beings after being cooped up in the house with 2 cats and a sleep old ass dog all day…you really start talking to yourself (or them, but really it’s yourself) a lot…



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