Alas, Sufjan Stevens I love you..

Day 13 – A picture of your favorite band or artist.

Now, I have a lot of favorite bands/artists, but he’s currently what I’m listening to and falls into the category, so there.
Day 14 – A picture of someone you could never imagine your life without.
This is my entire family.

(minus my animals, which count just as much!)

Well, today has been a good, chilly day. At least so far. I’m blogging early today since my Mama is about to come pick me up and take me out to their house for some hang time. Brando went into work at one so I got to spend my chilly morning cuddling in bed with him and all the animals (and Lillian of course.) I can’t wait for our three day weekend together! It officially starts tonight when he gets off work, and I cannot wait! Times will be spent laying in bed all snuggly, burgers at his parents, Ponyo, and other movie watching and youtubing of cute baby animals. ❤ <3. I also can't wait to try a new restaurant for our going out to eat day…I really want something with a diner feel, so I'm hoping we find something good.
Anyhow. I’ve got all three of my boys on the bed with me right now, curling inbetween my legs and under the covers. It’s so warm in this little nest, too bad Brando isn’t here to snuggle..

Here are just a couple of random shots taken today with my phone. Nothing special, just boredom. I do have a funny picture that I won’t post, but will describe to you. It’s a cute one of me (for once) but Brandon’s butt-crack somehow got in the background and I promised him I wouldn’t post it…but honestly, how does someone’s butt-crack photobomb a photo!?

Oh, Link trying to fit into Brandon’s chef shoes…clearly he can only get his paws inside. Sucha weirdo.

And this picture makes me laugh because Harley pup looks like he’s smiling, when in reality he isn’t, but he is excited to be going outside for a little tinkle. (Lilly photobombed this picture, if you can’t tell.)

I’ve officially reached the “puffy face” stage. It’s gross, and I look like a completely different version of myself. My face is puffy, my nose is wider, and my fingers and toes are starting to swell. It’s gross. It makes me feel gross on top of being a zillion pounds and feeling like a mammoth. I finally had to take my wedding ring off and put it on my necklace from prevention of it getting stuck. :/ Makes me sad, I feel naked not wearing it around my finger..

The joys of pregnancy. I thought I was doing good for the whole 8 months, not any stretch marks or swelling, and then it all started to creep up on me slowly, and now there is no turning back. Lillian Rose, mama loves you, but my body will never be the same after all of this is done. My big girl.
Now, off to get dressed and listen to some random mix on 8track, which by the way is a super neat site.


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