When it rains, it literally does pour..

The past week, a week and a half after my lovely, traumatic, c-section, (which by the way I will post Lillian’s birth story some day when I’m not feeling like a zombie) I got a terrible stomach bug. Dry heaving with a fresh wound under your abdomen…not fun. I got extremely dehydrated, went to the ER, blah blah blah. I’ve pretty much been zonked out for the past couple of days due to over-exhaustion. I also got a bad touch of the baby blues as well, which are not fun.. (This is where it’s raining in my story.)

So, now when mommy is feeling better, my little bird decides to get a case of acid reflux, colic and has a little bit of a stuffy nose and cough. She’s irritable, not sleeping much, and just plain miserable. It’s breaking my heart to see my sweet, tiny, helpless little infant crying and not knowing how to fix it. (It is also frustrating, I won’t lie about that.) We’re on special formula, gas drops, baby zantac (for acid reflux) and now I’m sending Brandon out to get some gripe water. We’ve been swaddling, swinging, bouncing, walking, rocking, sucking out boogies and all and everything in-between. (This is the part in the story where it’s pouring.)

I feel so bad for my little bird, and i hope that the doctors trip tomorrow will provide us with answers and help.
But, as I am exhausted and beaten down, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my sweet chunk (who by the way is a big, healthy 9lbs even.)



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