God gave me a miracle, and that miracle is you.

The past two weeks have been hard, scary and painful.
They’ve also been a test of how strong I am, which I’ll admit isn’t very strong.
But, I am stronger than I ever expected myself to be.

My daughter being only 3 weeks old and hospitalized with RSV and pneumonia is so scary.
Them having to poke her constantly, suction out her lungs every couple of hours is hard for a new mommy to go through. When your little newborn baby is screaming and you can’t do anything about it- that is the hardest thing.
Watching her struggle to breathe with her little chest was heartbreaking…

I am so thankful that God pulled her through this.
She is so strong. Much stronger than her momma, that’s for sure.
She’s gained weight while being here which is rare and uncommon, but my bird loves to eat.
Thank you for everyone that prayed for us, after 2 weeks here we finally get to go home!
I’m totally terrified of her getting sick again, so doctors orders and mine, Lillian will live in a bubble for a couple more weeks.

Again, God is good.


One thought on “God gave me a miracle, and that miracle is you.

  1. Awe youre very strong! I could imagine going through that! Mark didn't get his first sickness till a couple months ago. Which is rare bc we were told that within the first year they're likely to get rsv once and about 9 colds…. he had 0…. he didn't get sick till he was a year and a half! And that was scary! Im glad she's doing much better!!!


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