Busy, busy.

I know my blog readers (the total 2 I have) are probably pretty upset with me and my short, or lack of posts. I’m terrible sorry. Having a newborn is physically and mentally demanding. If i’m not feeding my fat little bird, changing, bathing her, I’m trying to keep her awake most of the day so she’ll figure out that night time is for sleeping. Sadly, this isn’t really working, because anytime she’s asleep in the day, I either fall asleep or starting cleaning my house. (Which, for me, is too dirty and unorganized and it’s driving me insane.) But I know this phase won’t last forever, so while I’m up at 3 a.m. (I call it the witching hour) I will snuggle and kiss on my little night owl…knowing someday, not anytime soon I will be able to sleep…

So, while she’s asleep in her swing, which is sort of rare since she hates that, the bouncer and anytime I set her down, I will attempt to catch a few z’s. Here are some adorable pictures to leave you with…


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