Oh, lovey Dovie!

Our little Dove will be 2 months old in 4 days…how surreal!
I miss writing here in my little blog. I miss laying in bed all day with my kitties feeling her little feet press into my ribs.
It’s amazing how I imagined her…and how she is now..
I had envisioned in my head her with this little personality…that if I pressed on this side of my tummy, she liked it and would move, as apposed to when I’d sneeze it’d scare her and she didn’t like it. Little did I know that she was just a baby. She sleeps, eats and poops … now as that is all dandy, I honestly can see her little personality growing and growing every day which just excites me to no end. I know certain ways she likes to be held and that she literally hates her swing. (totally sucks for me) and that she loves to snuggle against my chest right in-between my boobies. I know that she only likes her paci when SHE wants it, not when I want her to have it, and even then she sucks it for two seconds and spits it out. (sucks for me again!)
I cannot wait until she can do more things and interact with me more! I do cherish our time we have now, but I can’t wait until my best friend can actually comprehend what i’m saying, and well, actually sleep through the night. 🙂
My Dovie thinks she’s such a big girl, too. She gets frustrated while trying to figure out how to “coo” and can hold her own head up almost perfectly now. She pushes up on her hands during tummy time and can walk up my tummy while I hold her.. she literally just wants to get up and move and I know it frustrates her that she can’t. She also knows that the bib-around-her-neck- means meal time and she gets super excited and opens her mouth just like a little baby bird waiting to be fed!

I love her so dearly! I never thought I would love something so much. When I hold her, I just want to squeeze her or somehow magically make her body press into mine. Honestly, words will truly never explain the love a mother has for her child..

So happy mothers day to my mama and to myself.
I’ve got 3 beautiful furry boys and a darling little girl to call my children, and I love them all!

Also, for those of you that read this, any tips on how to get my little dove to take to the paci?
And also, tips for working on sleeping through the night?
I’ve started a routine of a daily bath at night and feeding, but it’s still a pain trying to get her down and to stay down.
So, any little suggestions would gladly help.

Xoxo to all.!


3 thoughts on “Oh, lovey Dovie!

  1. Sasshhaaa! Happy Mother's day to you! Your first ever, how beautiful and exciting! Your little girl is so beautifullll!

    As far as a paci goes my niece is 5 months and just now taking a paci, and H didn't for the first few months at least not constantly. So maybe (hopefully) in the next few weeks she'll decide she likes it, ORRR maybe like my niece she'll be a thumb sucker! =)

    And as far as sleeping through the night, the bath thing is PERFECT? I just got Harrisyn in a routine and I had to first adjust it a million times to fine tune it. I first tried putting him to bed later, and I tried feeding cereal before bed, and tried soothing music before bed, Idk if any of that helps!


  2. Happy mothers day :)) try keeping her awake more during the day…. wear her out lol it sounds mean but that's what my family told me to do and I couldn't believe it… it sounded so mean but it works wonders! As far as the paci some just don't take them…. I can't get marks away! He loves his and mom said I hated them…. as long as she's self soothing she's fine without it…. mark rocked in his bed. May've she doesn't like her swing bc of the motion. Mark only liked side to side not forward…. :))


  3. Thank you both! She is having troubles finding her thumb, but will suck on her fist for just a wee-bit and then get frustrated and grow tired of it. She's her fathers daughter in the A.D.D. way, sadly.
    And as for routine, I try my best to keep her up during the day with few/short naps here and there and one long one in the afternoonish/early morning.
    She takes cereal in her bottle bc of acid reflux, so it really doesn't help at night, although i do add a bit more for her last night feeding…shame shame. 🙂
    I try music and rocking after bath with lights out to soothe her, some days it works and others it doesn't. I know she's still little but I'm really trying to stick with this routine so she'll have a good hang of it in a couple of months.!


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