Death Cab for Cutie

Is still one of my fav bands of allllll time.
And she is my most favorite Dove of all time.

You are growing too fast, baby. Slow down for mommy! I love the fact that I make you smile anytime I talk to you, even in your sleep, and that I can make you laugh now. You’re getting to be such a big girl. Sitting up little by little, playing in your big girl toy and working on rolling over. You are so sweet my Dovie! You’re also basically sleeping through the night, which makes us both in a cheery and playful mood the rest of the day. We love you too the moon darling!

And also, I didn’t get to take any pictures (because there were like a bazillion people) but my husband the amazing Chef and his Chef won their very first Iron Chef competition in Lubbock! I’m so proud of him! Such a handsome chef babe I have!

As for now, life is busy and I still miss blogging. I pinky promise I’ll try to do more. I still do truly love to write!


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