you are my sunshine.

I couldn’t picture my life without you now. Before it was just Brandon and I, the cats and old Harley. Now it’s all of us plus you. You’re so special to me, and even though I may be exhausted, I wouldn’t take back a single second I spend with you.

In 3 days you’ll be 3 months. It’s bittersweet. You’re growing into such a smart little dove, and I can’t help but be excited about thefuture. You love your little Baby Einstien Mat, your bouncer and are improving on your little jumper. I can’t believe how much you hold her head up and have found your hands and toes to play with.
You also might be coming up with an ear infection or teething, so I don’t know which. I’ve been keeping an eye on your temp and it hasn’t risen at all, but could you already be getting your little teefs in at 3 months? I wish I knew because it’d help me ease your pain.

I’ll probably post more, but here are to the memories we’ve made since you were a tiny (you weren’t actually ever tiny) baby and upuntil now. You’re such a big girl dovie, and mommy will always love you.



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