Sleeping and why I love it.

Sleeping is such a beautiful thing. I’ve always been a sleeper. If I can squeeze in a nap at anytime, I’ll take it.
Lillian was doing well at sleeping through the night. Bath and then bottle at 10:30 pm, and then she wouldn’t wake up until 6 or 7. (amazing) I was refreshed and she was refreshed, making us both in better moods.
Well, as my luck would have it, the past week or so she’d been waking every 2 hours again like she was a newborn, which she so totally isn’t. She was clearly going through a growth spurt, and I’m hoping that it’s over with because she slept normal again last night. She’d also been really fussy the past couple of days and I thought she was maybe sick, but the doctor said there was nothing wrong with her. (except her attitude) So, I’ve just got a fussy baby. I don’t blame her though, if you’ve met me, I’ve got a temper and an attitude major. So it would bound to happen.

If I’m not spending my ENTIRE day entertaining my 3 month old. Yes, I literally have to keep her entertained 24/7 or she screams bloody murder, I’m cleaning bottles, cleaning house, doing mounds of laundry or taking the dog out to pee. I feel like it’s been go go go the past couple of days with no naps and no break.
I’m super exhausted.

But. Alas, today Lillian woke up at 7, had her bottle, played for a bit and went back to bed and has taken a good hour and a half to 2 hour nap. (AMAZING) so I actually got to play a little Mortal Kombat with my hubs, eat breakfast and write here in my blog. Yippee!

I’m praying i’ll get to squeeze a nap in today…but things are looking slim.
Anyway, here is my adorable, high maintenance child. (Newborn PIcture)
Mommy’s fussy little birdy.


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