Sick, sick and more sick.

The past week has been a rollercoaster of many things.
Some things good, but most things bad.

My poor Lillian and I both got sick last Sunday.
Stuffy noses, water eyes, and I don’t know about her but my throat hurt extremely bad.
I figured we’d get over it, just a small summer cold.

How wrong was I?
Very wrong.

I finally had enough and with doves past history of being sick, I took her in right away.
She had an ear infection in her right ear, which I think she’s had for a while but her doctor didn’t look deep enough.
So, we got her on some medicines and I’ve been doing steam showers, sucking her nose, breathing treatments and everything.
I just really hope she can get past this and not get sick for a while.
As for me, I ended up losing my voice and finally went to the doctor today.
I’ve got a double ear infection (both ears) and tonsillitis. AWESOME.
No wonder I’ve sounded like a man for the past week, and I’ve felt like death!

So, since we’re both getting pumped with medicine, I’m hoping we’ll both get better and start acting like ourselves again!

As for Dovie, today I tried feeding her cereal for the first time.
And, this is how it went:

She’s so precious. Although I think we might have to wait a little longer, she didn’t seem too delighted with it.
I love spending my days with her, she’s become more and more animated!
I love it! I can fake laugh at her and she’ll mimic me and do the same. It’s incredible and completely adorable.
I love love love my dove!

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to battle an ear infection?
Home remidies for comfort and soothing?
If so please let me know! It’d be greatly appreciated!



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