So many pictures, so little time…

Lillian is weirdly still asleep this morning. (She did wake up at 5 to have a bottle, but then straight back to bed with her and she hasn’t budge sense.) Of course she is breathing because I’m a hovering parent and check a zillion times.

Anyway, I figured I’d at least try to update while I can.
The past couple of days have been filled with craft night at Eleni’s house, where I made a little “L” for Dove’s room, and yesterday we cooked out at Brandon’s parents house.. Dove loves the water, but this was just a little too cold for her toes.

She did however enjoy “shading” (not sunbathing) in the grass and talking to the trees.

After all of that nonesense, we put her to sleep and she enjoyed her cousins crib.
So much room to move around, she slept a full 3 hours and it freaked me out a little.

But she’s fine, and we’re going to be moving her into her crib this week.
This completely breaks my heart, I love her little bassinet and having it next to my bed, being able to listen to her every little breath and hearing her squirm. She’s growing up way too fast, but I guess when her feet start hanging out over the sides of her bassinet, it’s time for a change. :/

As for today, we’ve got a lot going on. We’re going to run lots of errands to pick of formula and medicines for us, and then head over to baby Stella’s “Stellabration” . Let’s just hope Lillian can put her big girl diapers and not scream the entire time we’re doing all of these wonderful things.. *sign* I can already feel the anxiety casting over me…

Daddy starts his new and second job next week. We’re filled with sadness, relief and worry. We don’t want him to be gone so much but we really need the extra money. I’m so proud of my husband and how hard he works. One day he’s going to be the great chef he already is, and he’ll have everything his dreams desire. But until then, I know that he works hard and we’re so very grateful for our strong and hardworking daddy. So here’s to you babe, we love you!

“Cast all your anxiety on him because HE cares for you. ” Peter 5:7



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