A short, "my daughter is so cute" post:

My daughter is completely adorable!
I’m pretty sure we’re hitting the whole, “4 month sleep regression” stage, and we’ve had difficulty with her napping and sleeping through the night. (which she was doing amazing, 10:30-7:30, completely awesome)
And now it’s bed at late late late whenever, and waking up throughout the night.
Unfair. (to mommy that is)

So tonight, bath and bottle and we rocked. And rocked and rocked and rocked.
She refused to go to sleep but is so sleepy.
So I sat her alone in her bed and cracked the door.
I heard a couple of noises, coos, fusses, but all in all, a weird smacking noise.
I went in to peek, and found that little Dove is sucking her thumb and putting herself to sleep.

Her sucking her thumb takes me back to the pictures of her I saw in the womb with her sucking her thumb.
Omg. I want to squeal with cuteness….
But I won’t. Because I’m super tired.

So, hope you enjoyed my adorable post; goodnight!


One thought on “A short, "my daughter is so cute" post:

  1. Little ones grow up so quickly that its important to enjoy each day. I don't have kiddie winks of my own, only nephews and nieces and they totally make me smile.


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