Told you!


// Also, I took Dove to get her 4 month shots yesterday, and I told the doctor about how she’s been extra fussy lately.
She checked her ears, nose, throat, everything. Nothing.
So she took some blood and also cathed her. 😥 My poor sweet baby girl, we got some of the results back and her white blood cell count is a little high, meaning she is fighting off some type of virus…And her urine came back odd, so we’re waiting for the next two days to see the results of the culture.
Makes me so, so so sad. My poor baby is always so sick, and I do everything I can to prevent it!

Let’s pray these antibiotics work and she’ll get better soon.

(on an even sadder note, my parents baby calf that was born a few days ago ended up not making it for those who have kept up with that story on facebook…..she was born prematurely and couldn’t figure out how to suck. We tried bottle feeding and injecting pedia-light and everything and anything we could. Poor sweet angel is in heaven now.)
Ugh, depressing.


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