OMGZ! The post with lots of ( )’s.

I’m so happy!!!!!! (it’s sad, really) that I’m on here. I know I won’t get many more readers or anything, but I love the fact that I’m on here now.

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Anyway, onto better things.
Today has been BUSY, and I completely RULE.

(and I don’t know why I look so sleepy/drunk, because I’m not. Hehe)
Dove and hubs and I went walking this morning! It was so refreshing and beautiful out. The mornings are beautiful, but probably just because they aren’t 209840239842 degrees. It is now, 30948539048 degrees, so you get what I’m saying.
Anywho, we found this little guy on the sidewalk, and we rushed him back to the park lake, (or whats left of it.)

After that, we went and shopped for some things for lunch.
We got a yummy little chicken dish and made a salad with super yum balsamic vinigerette.
(Yum, Yum, Yum)
We came home, I went on a run (and probably looked completely retarded.) and popped a chicken in the oven to bake.
(i munch on that throughout the week!)

Afterwards, daddy and dove took and nap. (which they are still doing btw) and I cleaned the entire house.
Now i’m sitting here, blogging and enjoying this:

This week has been super exhausting. Upon everything that I deal with, my pup woke up the other morning, throwing up, panting and falling over! Crying and freaked out, we took him to the vet. They said he was nauseated and his joints were hurting, gave us meds and sent us on our way….. A couple of hours later, he was still panting, so we took him again. This time they did an x-ray, and found out he’s got congestive heart failure. (POUT POUT) and that this has been happening for a while now. He’s got fluid on his lungs and his heart is super overlarged. So basically, he’s slowly having a heart attack and will live at the longest another year. (with medicine 3 times a day, oh joy)
So, now I’m completely paranoid that I’m going to wake up and find my main man asleep asleep. Ugh. My anxiety is all up in knots! ….Now, I still didn’t believe that this is what caused him to go have all of these random things all at once. Because he’s had this for a while (apparently) and has never acted like that before. I searched up dog strokes and I am convinced he had one. Today he is back to his old self completely. (AMAZING) And I’m so happy that I still have my pup to love on.
God is so good!

Now, I think i’ll pet my kitter kats and pup and wait for my loves to wake up.
Or, instead, I think I might just take a nap myself since that’s what everyone is doing.

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