The 4 month regression/I’m a mombie post.

Has anyone else’s kid been a decent sleeper, and then all of a sudden turned into a waking, every hour/two hours newborn?
Lillian is apparently going through a complex to where she thinks she’s a newborn.
She wants to cat nap all throughout the day, and then at night, the longest she sleeps is like 3 hours and then she’s up.
Wanting her thumb/sassy (pacifier) or just to be held. Half the time she wants her bottle, so I thought that this was just a growth spurt, but apparently there is such a thing as a “Four Month Old Sleep Regression.”
Saying it makes my tummy hurt.

So, the past week I have been a zombie mom.
A mombie.

I have ruled out ear infection/teething/sickness and just about everything else.
Lillian thinks she’s a newborn.
And my hubby and I miss our sleep.

Has anyone else’s kid gone through this? Was there hope? Light at the end of the tunnel?
I know, ‘this too shall pass’ , but my goodness, I am craving my pillow.
Too bad there isn’t a cure for this….

Oh, and I started doing this again.

🙂 Fun times!



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