Soy milk & big girl beds.

Lots of changes have been happening around my house lately.
Dovie moved into her crib (aka, big girl bed) and she is doing pretty decent.
The only problem I have with it is that I can’t reach to lay her down well; I’m too short.
So once I finally rock her to sleep, I go in to lay her down, and PLOP. She just sorta rolls out of my arms and of course wakes up.
I need to find a step stool of some sort to make it easier, because this is clearly not working out.

As for the milk…
Lillian is a fussy baby. It’s simple. She won’t let others hold her.
She hates being away from the house.
She hates the carseat.
She hates different bottle nippes that aren’t the kind she takes.
She hates laying on her tummy.
She hates her toys when she gets frustrated with them.
She hates her swing. (waste of money)
And she cries. A lot. During the day. At night. Whenever. She’s crying.

I kept telling her pediatrician that I would like to switch formula. She’s been on the Simliac Sensitive (orange one) since she was 2 weeks old…. She has tummy issues, acid relux (is on baby zantac for that) and bad gas.
I get her gas drops.
We tried Gripe Water (which she hated and it made the milk in her tummy curdle and she would spit up a lot more) making her cry more. and I have also tried a hint of chamomille tea..nope.

So I finally decided to try to switch her formala myself, just to try it.
I’m trying Similac Insomil Soy (sensitive) it’s the pink one.
I’m really really really hoping it works out.
She slept a little better last night, and I’m hoping that it was the milk. (not her recharging her batteries to be up the rest of the week) So, in a about a week I’ll post back on the results.
Or you’ll see my updates on facebook / twitter about it, i’m sure, way sooner.
(Hoping and Praying)
I really love my sweet dove, and I just want her at peace.

I’d really love to hear people’s opinions and advice on both of these issues, as well as dealing with a super fussy baby.
I’m working on leaving her with grandparents and other people so she’ll get over screaming, but it’s just so hard on me.
I feel like my baby will never be happy, and that i’ll never catch a break!
(I know, this too shall pass)
Please leave feedback! Anything will help!
I’m a learning mama with an unhappy baby.



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