The Sickly’s/ Chef BABE

I just wanted to post that we changed our last name to the Sickly’s.
Brandon has been sick.
Then Lillian.
And now me.

If cats and dogs could get sick, I’m sure they would be too.

Hopefully we’ll all be better for our trip to Austin.
Brando and I are so excited about visiting!
We’re going to eat at all the yummy places, walk around the Domain.
And do all the old things we used to do.
Lillian should like it there, she was in my tummy while we lived there.
And now, it has finally come that my wonderful husband is walking the stage as a Chef.
The entire year of waking at 5 a.m., going to school, going to work and being away from each other for 6 months has finally paid off! And I am so proud of him!

Not only do I benefit from eating amazing food all the time, I’m blessed to have someone that has finished something and I’m so very, very proud of him!
So, if you see my hubs, tell him congrats! and pat him on the back! He totally deserves it!

To my wonderful Husband:
i will love you forever and always. I’m so happy that I married my best friend.
Even though the struggles of marriage, life and money have hit us hard, know that I will always love you.
Best friends forever, through thick and thin I love you to the moon and through the cosmos.
I’m so proud of you, and at times when I am nagging about leaving your shoes laying around, just know that is my wife-way of telling you I love you, and I’m glad I’m with you.

And that is all for this post folks!
Give me some suggestions to talk about, (I have many, but I’d like to know what others want to read!)
And if you could please do this for me, it would be amazing.
Thanks so much!


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