Birthday for hubby/Prepping for a vacation/lots of other things

The past week has been eventful.
Even though the days feel long, the weeks go by fast it seems.

So, we switched Dove’s milk again, to just the regular Sim.
She’s eating better, but not perfect.
The doctor suggested that the soy backed her up (which I believe, since she’s had 209340 blowouts since we switched milk) and that she is probably/possibly teething.

So we’ll try this. I’m praying it works, because even though “she doesn’t look like she’s not eating” (comments I’m getting from people) she’s not. And it’s not ok.

Tomorrow we leave for Austin.
Hubby walks the stage and we visit our old stomping grounds.
Fun, yeah!?

Too bad I’m too anxious too see the good that’ll come.
Not only do you have to pack the ENTIRE NURSERY when packing for an (almost) 5 month old, Lillian isn’t great in the car, and a car trip that is 6-7 hours, isn’t what I’ve wanted to do. Not only will I have to sit in the backseat with her, it’s 2094850349 degrees and I’ll melt and die. Argh.
There will be two babies on this trip crying, I can assure you that.

Today is also my wonderful hubs birthday! He’s the big 27 and has had to work all day (and still isn’t home.) 😥
Dovie and I made him a present and baked him some homemade lemon squares.
Hoping he’s not dead tired tonight when he drags in, he’ll be happy with his gifts from us girls.
(It’s the thought, really.)

I’m so happy that I re-discovered my baby sling.
When we first bought it, Lillian HATED it. (she hated most things)
and now that she can sit up and actually enjoy her surroundings, she loves it!
This will relieve my arm bulk while walking around Austin. YAY YAY.
🙂 🙂 🙂

And that’s really the only things that I can think of as of late. Our life is really sitting at home, not venturing out much due to the insane hot weather, walking around barely clothed, sweating and laying on the floor playing.
Hope you enjoyed this. Until we get back from vacation,


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