The not eating post.

Has anyone ever had trouble with their baby not eating?
Lillian eats, but only when she wants and only a few ounces (like 3 tops.)
She spaces those small ounces out like, 5 hours, and when I add up everything for the entire day, it’s not even the minimum of what she should be taking in. She’s not on any solid food yet and I’m really worried.

I count her diapers to make sure she’s making the right amount (she is, barely) and she is overall really happy.
She just doesn’t want to eat.
She pushes the bottle away, looks around, lets it roll out of the sides of her mouth.
Anything to not eat it.

At night she’ll usually eat the most when she’s sleepy, but during the day it’s rare.
I tried a sippy cup (appropriate for her age) because I read that some babies get tired of bottles.
She didn’t take to it.

I really don’t know what to do. She goes in for a weigh-in tomorrow, and I really hope she hasn’t lost any.
It doesn’t look like she has, but then again I don’t really know down to the ounce.
Should I start her on baby food? Or would that take away even more nutrients since she’s not drinking her milk?

LKJdslk;. I’m so frustrated and scared!
I know she’s not starving, and she’s so happy that I’m not freaking completely out, but it’s just odd.
She’s always drank her bottles.
Even when she was so incredibly sick, she was the only baby to be that sick and still gain weight in the hospital.
And now, she’s too busy to eat?

Someone please give me some insight.
This mama is freaking out.



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