Another sleeping post. (A shout out to stay at home moms!)

The past couple of days Lilly has had a weird sleep schedule.

She cat naps for 20 minutes here and there, and that was all fine and dandy because she was sleeping through the night.

Last night, I almost lost it.

Lillian didn’t want to sleep. She wasn’t screaming (thank God) but, she just didn’t want to sleep.

I would rock her to sleep, and lay her down.

Bam. She was awake laughing and spitting bubbles.

It’s cute, but not when you are dragging and lifting your eyelids to make yourself stay awake.

I finally got her to bed around 1, and she proceeded to wake at 5, and then now at 7.

I’m having my coffee (OVERLOAD PLEASE) and she’s in her bouncer, acting as if no sleep isn’t bothering her. (lucky)

Is anyone else this crabby when they don’t get enough sleep?

I honestly look back and don’t know how I did it when she was a newborn. I kind of blocked most of it out I’m guessing, because it didn’t seem that bad. But there are a couple of colicy, screaming, no sleeping nights that pop into my head. *shudders*

Point is, I need my 8 hours of sleep. (and possibly a cat nap if I’m allowed)

I need my sleep to function, or else I go cray cray.

Another mention in this post is a shout out to being a stay at home mom.

We deserve it.

Yes, we may not get dressed, go to work and bring home the bacon, but we work 24/7.

Day and night. Rain or shine. We’re working.

We don’t get “lunch breaks” or “days off.”

I love it so much, but it’s also very tiring.

I spend my days talking to my cats and my 5 month old baby. (so cool)

I know every song to “Yo Gabba Gabba” , and I get excited when I have to go shopping for napkins.

I walk around my house in a tank top and undies most the day, cleaning, cooking and dealing with a very needy baby.

I live off of the internet (when my child allows me to get on it.) Reading other mommy blogs makes me feel sane and good about myself, and facebook makes me feel like I have friends. Twitter makes me feel like I’m friends with celebrity’s.

I love the internet.

We don’t have cable.

But luckily we have Netflix.

Roseanne, Desperate Housewives and Teen Mom is what I watch and RE-WATCH daily.

If I’m feeling overwhelmed I watch Jon & Kate plus 8, because I only have one kid at the moment, and honestly I don’t know how they are not dead. But yeah, that is my daily life.

I get excited going to the grocery store, which usually results in me being stressed out because I have to hurriedly shop before Lillian loses it. Not to mention people start staring at me, and it feels like they turn the damn heater on.

But anyway, if you see a mommy today, give her a freaking huge hug and a high five.

Because we are amazing. We never stop. EVER.

(and offer her a nap or money, either always makes me feel better.)

And that is my winy, sleep-deprived post.

I will now go tickle my dovie because she’s awake and I’ve had 3 cups of coffee, so I’m ready!

I leave you with a photobooth collection of our daily lives.



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