Fast Friday!

Hello! It’s Friday! So, Dovie and I attempted to record on imovie yesterday out of boredom. It resulted in me being obnoxious and saying “Hiii” so loud and annoying, and Dove crying on her tummy and turning it off. I thought it was rather funny so here it is to share:


Here is a collage of pictures of what we’ve been doing recently. Dovie has apparently mastered feeding herself with a spoon. (except not really.) We started her on squash this week, and so far she likes it. I’m doing veggies first because I don’t want her to only want sweet things suchas fruits. So we’ll see how this goes. She loves it. And she’s just completely adorable. Nom Nom.

And this is her just sitting in her bumbo, being a big girl and reaching for toys that she throws. She’s growing up so fast, and it really makes me sad/happy. Her little personality is growing growing, and she’s learning more everyday. Love her to pieces.

And now I leave you with this:



One thought on “Fast Friday!

  1. She's super cute! but you probably already know that 😉

    following you from Top Baby Blogs. I had to click and check you out after reading your blurb “trying to remember to shower” LMAO! Im an unshowered SAHM too.


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