Hair story line.

While I’m sitting here drinking my coffee, I can’t help but want to chop off all my hair this morning. It’s getting longer, and I love it, but showering leaves the shower looking like someone killed a shaggy dog and leaves me saying, “OW!” while trying to brush out the tangles that is my hair. I let is air dry, because, truth is it’s too hot and i’m too lazy to blow dry it. And, when I do have the time to do that, it turns into a fluffy, poof of a lions mane. Uncute.

So, this whole post is me wondering what looked best on me, and pondering on how I should wear my hair. In all honesty though, being a mama will probably always leave me with a ponytail or messy bun, my daughter yanking my hair out, and having chunks of spit-up in it.

Sigh. Here we go.

Well, I guess looking at it, I haven’t had much of a variety, have I?

Oh well.



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