You know you’re a mommy when..

You get excited to buy groceries.

You know all of the latest songs on “Yo gabba gabba!”

You live off coffee/caffeine.

You haven’t used the bathroom or taken a shower/bath alone in FOREVER.

You spend hours on the baby isle looking at the new bottles, pacifiers, and baby food.

You go to bed when your baby does.

You can bounce, rock and eat a sandwich while reading.

Your wardrobe and hairstyle consists of easy and comfortable.

You spend your free time washing bottles, folding laundry and sometimes crying.

You have spare diapers/pacifiers/bottles in almost every bag you own.

Those are just the ten I could think of off the top of my head tonight. There are only a million more and then some. (some were meant to be funny, for those of you that have no sense of humor.) I’m thinking about doing this once a week just to see what I can come up with. Feel free to chime in and give me some of “yours.”



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