Letters to Lillian: (You’re 6 months darling Dovie!)

Dear Lillian Rose,

I’ve been wanting to write you letters on here, and I have, they are just scattered, not timed, and overall mushed together with your mama’s other random ramblings, and for that, I apologize.
From now on, each month, I will write to you. Hoping that one day you’ll read this and realize how amazing you were when you were just such a little tiny dove.

You are my baby. And you are 6 months old. HALF A YEAR. I’ve held you, comforted you, fed you and played with you a full, entire half year. Can you believe it? Because daddy and I can’t. It seems like only yesterday I was on bedrest with you in my belly, stretching mama’s skin to the max while you kicked my ribs to death. And only last week I feel like we were in the hopsital, having you, holding you, watching your every move, and listening for every new little noise. And it seems like just last night you were screaming your head off due to colic, and I was pacing the house every 2 hours trying to calm you down, almost crying. 6 MONTHS. You are my baby and you are 6 months old.

In the past 6 months, you’ve learned to roll over (everywhere) , almost sit up on your own, eat baby food, hold your own bottle (only when you want to) , flirt with daddy, flirt with strangers, try to make me laugh, laugh at mama’s silly faces, make adorable and kind of scary noises, grab things with your little hands, suck your toes, bang on anything and everything (including mama’s face) , drink out of a sipppy cup, drink out of mama’s cup, and drink out of a straw. You have no intrest in crawling, and still hate being on your stomach. I’ll leave you there for minutes at at time, and you’ll be fine, and then you will flip, because you have a temper, like me. A bad one. You love to stand and dance, so I’m sure if you don’t crawl, you’ll be walking sooner than later. You’ve become attached to your bunny (from the Velveteen Rabbit) and you chew on his ears like they are bread. You want real food, and just the other day I gave you some of my soup with rice and you LOVED it. You’re still toothless, and your gums are still the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. You love looking at yourself in the mirror, and proceed to lick yourself as if knowing you are so adorable that everyone could eat you up! You know how to pout and work your lower lip to get what you want (cuddles, “whats the matter with my baby“, etc.) and it’s the cutest damn thing I’ve ever seen. EVER. 
You’ve had 3 ear infections in your tiny little life, and seem to always be congested no matter what I do, and it breaks my heart; literally. It’s been proven you have allergies just like daddy. You have also been growing your hair nicely, and daddy and I can’t seem to get enough of “your smell.”
You still don’t sleep through the night, (some nights are better than others) but you wake up hungry once throughout the night. You refuse to drink your bottles during the day because everything else is more interesting and you’ve apparently got better things to do. (like rip my hair or earrings out.)
When you reached 5 months it seemed that your colic went away (suddenly) and you became this little lovable  happy baby. You let others hold you (besides mommy and daddy) and don’t scream your head off when left with grandparents. (at least not constantly.) You love ripping your brother cats hair out and hit/pat them whenever they are near. You love phones and I’m sure will be a gadget freak like your mother and father.
Each day you do something new (like clapping) and I can’t get enough of you, or sleep it seems. 😉
You are my best friend, and I can’t imagine life without you.
You are my heart. You are my darling dovie.


Now here is a look at how you spent your 6 month birthday:
You are amazing, Lillian Rose.


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