(These rolls make me want to squeal.)

This past weekend I took Lilly to the doctor, once again. Her eyes were still matted shut in the mornings, she was still congested, and wasn’t sleeping or eating STILL.
I saw the weekend clinic doctor who was super nice, diagnosed two ear infections, and instead of giving her amoxacillion, she gave her cefdinir, which is way stronger and a broader spectrum medicine.
Since Dove’s been on it (4 days) she’s been eating like she’s never eaten before. I can’t shovel baby food in her mouth fast enough. She’s sleeping through the night again (because she’s eating during the day again!)
I kept telling her doctor and everyone that it wasn’t just a “clogged tear duct” or “allergies.” She was sick and has been sick for 2 months now, bless her little heart. My poor baby.
Anyway, she’s eating like a champ, happy, and overall feeling better.
So yay to that weekend doctor. And yay to medicine!

Until next time! I leave you with the mystery of “Perry the Platypus!”

Where’s Perry?
Daddy clearly isn’t Perry, but it’s all we’ve got to work with.



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