Not Wordless Wednesday.

For some odd reason, whether it was me jinxing myself that Lilly was sleeping through the night again or what, my child decided to be up all night last night. (On and off to clarify.)
How? I don’t know. Because she barely naps during the day. It’s hell putting her to bed and keeping her asleep. What do I do?

-Drink coffee. And lots of it.

So here is to another day of no naps, no sleep and running on no sleep.
OH. And I have to go to the dentist in 2 hours. So uncool for a Wednesday.

On another note, while Dove plays and rolls around on the floor this morning, I just want to pin-point that I’m turning my blog back into “my blog.” I tried so hard to make mommy friends on here with Top baby Blogs and so and on so forth, but honestly, it’s not worth it. Half the moms lie about how wonderful their lives and children are, how they are oh so different and vintage, when in reality no one’s life is like that. (Unless your rich I’ve decided.) So fare-well to the mom-blog-snobs. I’ve tried to connect with so many mommy’s with children my babies age, just to talk. But apparently they never respond so that is all I’m going to waste my time on with that.

Now, the rest of this post will be about coffee:
I have desperately been trying to copy Mcdonalds “Iced Latte’s” for a while now and can’t seem to get it right. For some reason I think that their coffee tastes like heaven, and mine tastes like poo. 
I try different creamers, different brands, different techniques and still can’t seem to get the flavor I want, which makes me entirely too sad. I still drink my poo coffee, because lets face it, I’d be passed out on the floor if I didn’t. So anyway, if anyone reads this terrible post and knows what is an amazing tasting coffee, or perhaps has cracked the code to that creepy clowns secret recipe; let me know.
Until then, I think that’s all I have to “nag” about today. I’m sure there is tons more, but apparently Lilly has thrown her crinkle book across the living room floor in an uproar, so I’m done blogging for the morning.
Bye fake, hello reality.

Oh wait, did you want pictures? Here you go. I’ll upload these for funsies:

(Young loves)

(Wall-E was our thing.)
          Can you believe the above people ^ made this cuteness? 
I know. She is so adorable. 
(this is how Lilly reads books)

(Sitting up so good! Can you tell she doesn’t nap?)


One thought on “Not Wordless Wednesday.

  1. o man! no sleep is no fun. I was up all night too (the kid living inside me decided to cause extra strain on my body all night…fun times). Hope that cutie pie of yours starts sleeping and napping better. she's getting close to the age were she will nap on more of a schedule, especially now that she's rolling and playing and being more active. GOOD LUCK! sleep is awesome!


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