Catching up in photos y’all,

(Besties for the reals)

Yesterday was a hard day on us.
Lilly got her 6 month shots (finally, we’re a little late because she was sick) and it was complete hell.

(After her shots. Not a happy girl)

She usually sleeps off the shots, and isn’t really cranky, but my God. Yesterday and this morning have been awful. One of her legs is knotted and swollen. It hurts for me to even touch it and she screams out in pain. I feel terrible, and called the doctor and they said it’s fairly normal, just to watch for a temperature and heat on the knot. 😥 Anyway, we’ll be switching off tylenol and advil today and hoping for the best, and of course; sanity.
As for the rest of the post (because my child is needing my hugs and kisses all day) is an update of pictures from the past couple of days, but mostly yesterday.

(Dovie & Daddy picked me a flower yesterday while on a walk)

(Going backwards in her walker, VROOM.)

(Jumping & eating, the only way she’ll eat.)

(Breakfast date with the hubby, so yum.)
(coffee & continuing with the breakfast date)
(We call her “One-Legging-Lilly” with the in-appropriate mid-drift.)

 And that is all for now.
My baby is needing my love, so I promise a real update will be coming soon.


2 thoughts on “Catching up in photos y’all,

  1. awww…”besties for reals”…so cute!
    poor little thing! it hurts me that it hurts you that it hurts her! haha…i will probably cry when little Z gets her shots. i am already imagining her lower lip in a plump little pout…sad!
    she'd adorable, btw. 🙂


  2. YAY A BLOG COMMENT!! I'm sorry Lillian isn't feeling all that good! Still sending our love! It was great skyping with you this morning! Must do it again later today before we head out to Kingsland (which is the land of no skype!)

    Oh.. and VERY cute pictures!


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