Teeth, sitting, & a wooden spoon..

The teething monster has stolen my child and won’t give her back!
The teething queen

Her two little bottom teeth are coming through, and only one of them has popped the tiniest bit out!
Any advice on teething babies? 
She’ll be completely fine playing and laughing, and then a split second later start screaming in pain. I freak out and give her oragel/teething tablets when this happens and walk around with her.
Any other options people? It’s killing me!

Action figures are her new obsession.Afternoon playtime
Moving forward, Dove sits up perfectly now. She still gangster leans to get the cats/dog though.
Who could blame her. They are hilarious. And giant.

And also, her new toys she come to love (besides her beloved bunny who’s ears look like they are about to come unraveled from the chewing and beating of a 6 month old) is a wooden spoon, a rubber cover to a glass bottle, and her socks. I have such an odd little Dove. And i’ve spent so much money on toys, that she does play with, but let me tell you they aren’t her favorite like that deadly wooden spoon.
The chefs

Yes. That’s daddy. He actually was home for dinner last night! (we had chicken, because I cooked, and well, that’s all I cook pretty much.) It’s so nice having him home. Papa working 3 jobs makes it difficult to see him and spend time with him. We miss him, and honestly at times I feel like a single mom. It’s so nice to have him home and just to help a tad, even though I know he’s exhausted.
I got to watch my Desperate Housewives premiere (AMAZING) and he bathed Dove for like the full hour so I could watch it in peace. It was just what I needed.
Lilly then proceeded to go to sleep early, and we got to spend time together watching that new Pan Am, which was actually really good and I couldn’t stop watching it.
Not having cable does this to you people. Makes you get on a tv schedule for the week. I know, pathetic, but what is a lady supposed to do?

Time for coffee and Barney this morning.


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