25 facts now & then.

I found my “25 facts” on my facebook yesterday, and it made me giggle because some of the things have changed and some haven’t changed a bit. This was written in 2009, so excuse the language (I was a crazy.)

  • 1.) i have a shopping obsession. not a clothing one, but a walmart and any grocery store one. i must buy something each time i go, or else it puts me in a terrible mood. air fresheners are bought on almost a day to day basis.
    ** this is still true. I buy things on a daily basis, or try to, and its cleaners, baby toys, sippy cups and baby food that i’m obsessed with now, along with the air fresheners. 

    2.) i’m obsessed with cooking and making people food. i’ve gained weight since i’ve found this new obsession.
    **Still true. Except for having a baby has dulled my cooking abilities and skills and is now left to the husband, who is a chef. And Yes, I’m still fat. 
    3.) i’m extremely insecure in my looks and body. i feel that i’m the fattest, grossest, ugliest thing ever created. don’t try to disagree with me, i’ll still think that way.
    4.) i’m insecure as shit.
    **Still, yes.
    5.) i hate most people, i wouldn’t say i’m judgmental, i’m just a bitch.

    **LOL at that. And yes, it’s still true. I’ve become more understanding but I still like animals better than people. 

    6.) i don’t have girlfriends. i never really have. the ones i’ve tried to be friends with usually back-stab and screw me over in some form or way, so there is really no point in their petty bitching. i’m terrible at talking “girl” and can’t seem to get into the whole “oh my god” thing down. surprisingly i’m not a dyke. i just prefer dude friends and video games.
    **I don’t have time to play video games anymore, and I also still don’t have girlfriends really. I have 3 that I call close friends, which is way more than I had when I originally wrote this post. Yay for mommy friends.

    7.) i’m emotional. i cry at least twice a day, most of the time for no reason at all. i’m just a baby. it makes me feel better and then i usually nap after.
    **God that still happens a lot, and probably more now that my hormones were jacked with- I just can’t nap afterward. 

    8.) i give rough love, and to further explain this, i punch, bite, and pinch on brandon instead of kissing and hugging. he has learned to love me and the abuse.
    **I still do this with Brando, and kind of with Lillian, but easier of course. I don’t pinch her and such. But I love slobbering and giving her tons and tons of kissing until she gets mad.

    9.) i love my family more than anything. even though they irritate me and i can’t stand to be with them for more than about a day tops, they are my everything and i love every single one of them. i’m also very protective of them, and will kill someone if they say anything negative about them.
    **I’ve come to love them even more, and they don’t annoy me as bad now that I have a family of my own. You learn to love more when you grow up. And I really really really love my family. 

    10.) i have two kitties that i love and hate at the same time. they are the reason i have lack of sleep but are also the reason i’m happy to get home from work.
    **True that still! I still love them, they are huge and still get into things at night. But I have a baby that keeps me up at night now to add to their mischief. 

    11.) there has been one day since brandon and i started dating that we haven’t spent together, and that was when i went out of town for my grandmothers funeral and he couldn’t get off work. other than that one day, we live together, eat, sleep and do just about anything together. always and forever.
    **Oh my. That changed. We spend 5 months apart from each other while I was stuck on bedrest and he was stuck finishing school in another city. Hardest time of my life. 

    12.) i love painting even though i’m completely and utterly terrible at making any form of “art”. i also have a ton of coloring books that have half pages colored because i get bored with them easily.
    **I really miss painting. 

    13.) i clean constantly. i will cook, and then clean up before i eat. brandon will be eating and i will follow him and pick up what crumbs he drops. i love our little loft apartment and can’t stand for it to be messy. i hate messy places, they make me feel dirty and uncomfortable.

    **Still very very true, and has increased in obsession. Sometimes I have to sit back and realize that my house is a home where people live and not a museum.

    14.) i have a good group of guy friends that are usually at my house daily. they play video games with brandon and i and we talk shit to each other. just like guys do. (once again, i’m not a dyke)

    **No friends. 

    15.) i cannot wait to get married and start a family with brandon. i want a christmas wedding that i’ve already planned out in my head. i also have children’s names already picked and want at least 4-5 kids of my own. 
    **Uh. No christmas wedding, it was fall. We have one baby who’s name I picked that wasn’t out of that group, and now having a child, I want 2. Not 5. 

    16.) i love babies and just recently got a job working at a daycare in the infant room. we’re called the sugar bears, and i take pride in the fact that i take care of other people’s children when they hardly do. i love my babies at work and would literally do anything for them. they see me more than they see their own parents, which i find extremely sad.
    **Still obsessed with babies. Completely obsessed with mine.

    17.) i’ve tried many times to be a vegetarian but can only stick with it for about a year to a couple months before i crack and go back to eating chicken. i love fried chicken and okra. as gross as that sounds.

    **I still eat meat. Can’t do it. CHIGGEN.

    18.) i eat healthy. vegetables are always included in anything i eat. onions, broccoli and tomatoes are my favorite.
    **Still yum.

    19.) i hate petty, self centered, pretentious indie kids that only buy things from urban outfitters or some other trendy store online. i like some of the clothing, but frankly don’t give a shit what i look like on the daily. 
    **Haha. Yes. It’s gotten worse people. I don’t even wear my contacts anymore. 

    20.) i love the beatles and elvis presley for the main fact that every song reminds me of my grandmother and that we would drive in my car, smoke cigarettes and sing to them.
    **Don’t smoke anymore, and still listen to them on my ancient Ipod daily.

    21.) my grandmother died this year and i still can’t seem to get over it. she was my best friend and the only person i have truly been close to. i wear some of her clothing she got at the thirft stores she worked at, i have her crazy personality and obsession with large purses to carry pointless and useless things like flashlights in.
    **God yes. Still miss you so much. My purses have become giant diaper bag purses with pointless baby things in them.

    22.) i’m really close with my mom and dad. i tell them just about everything and to me, they are my heroes. they’ve come so far from what they had, and i couldn’t be any more proud of my dad and what he’s done.
    **They are still my best friends.

    23.) when i was growing up i swore i was a boy until i hit jr. high and figured out that i couldn’t really play football, legos’ and soccer with the guys anymore. i was my dads only boy. it completely and totally sucks being a girl.
    **Ever given birth? Point proven. 

    24.) i have a huge obsession with hello kitty and owls. i currently have 72 owl things in my little loft apartment, and about 10 hello kitty appliances and toys as well.
    **My collection has only gotten larger. 

    25.) i love grammar and punctuation. i’m going to school to be an english teacher in hopes that i can teach children/teens the proper way to write a fucking paper.

    **Dropped out to have a family. Still love writing though, hence the blog. 

    And well, that’s it for this boring, pointless post. Here is a picture just for funsies. 
    (Broby kisses to the max!)


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