The seven month bird-

Sorry I’ve been so absent lately. I’ve got mommy friends (which makes me happy) and little Dove and I have been extremely busy doing big girl things.
Anyway, sorry for the lacking.

Today Lilly Rose turns 7 months! Can you believe it! She’s not my little Dovie anymore, she’s a big birdy. And it makes me so incredibly sad!
In the past month, You’ve learned a lot of new things (which amazes me.) Each day you do something different and I can’t help but squeeze you out of complete love.
Here’s the rundown.

You had a bad time teething, but you got two little bottom chompers right back to back this month. You still don’t like the way they feel when you chew on things and eat, but you’re getting adjusted. And by adjusted, I mean you chew on Bunny like you never have before. Poor Bunny.
They are the cutest, crooked, most wonderful bunny teeth ever.

You still aren’t a fan of your bottle that much, but you’ve gotten to where you ate a ton of them back to back like I’ve never fed you before. (weirdo) You still only drink 4oz at a time, and at night you can down 6oz. You know when I make your bottle. You hear the microwave beep as I warm your water, and you watch me and try to help as I mix your formula, leaving powder everywhere. *You’ve done this for some time, but it’s getting bad now as you knock the can right out of my hands*
You’ll eat your baby food really good on some days, and some days you’ll just pick.
In the mornings I give you oatmeal with water, a little fruit baby food and a dab of prune juice (just to keep your system running smoothly.) And sometimes instead of that you’ll have baby yogurt which you love too. For lunch you have a vegetable and sometimes a meat of some source. For dinner you finish that up and i’ll usually mix a little oatmeal with it for nighttime. During the day you drink water from your sippy cup (along with bottles) and only water. I will not give you juice because in all honesty it’s not that good for you at this time, and I want you to love water, which is natural. Plus you’ve had it before and didn’t care for it too much. (Now you love prune juice, but only get that when we’re having plumbing problems.)
You eat some table foods when I forget to bring you food or you just plain want some. You eat little tiny bit off ramen noodles which are your favorite. You love asparagus and peaches to chew on. Mashed potatoes are yummy too, but you’d prefer my ramen or daddy’s dabs of ice cream. (bad papa.)
You’ve also come to love those little yogurt melts that I break up smaller and they dissolve instantly. (I like them too, honestly.) And of course your teething biscuits, which you’ve learned to bite with your chompers and I have to watch you like a hawk and dig pieces of out your mouth.

You’re still a terrible sleeper my Lillian. Terrible. You take cat naps during the day (30-45 minutes) and only about 2-3 of those a day. You’d like with little naps, you’d sleep good at night but you don’t. I still fight you for bedtime some nights and you still wake up throughout the night to be rocked, held or sometimes fed if you don’t eat your bottle good at bedtime. Ridiculous my child, but I still love you.
You have to have bunny with you when you sleep, if you don’t have your pacifier in your mouth, bunny’s ears are being sucked on to death in your sleep. Once again, poor bunny.

Things you’re doing:
You sit like a pro now. You still have no intrest in crawling, and bang your head on the ground when I leave you to fuss on your tummy before you roll over. You hate it. You might start scooting soon however, because you move your feet like a man woman when trying to reach for things, and honestly, you should start doing yoga because you are incredibly limber. You’r favorite thing right now is digging out every single toy out of your little toy box on the floor and throwing them. Everything goes in your mouth. EVERYTHING.

You have a weird obsession with stuffed animals, and give them big wet drooly kisses constantly. YOU GIVE KISSES NOW. They are perfect, open, wet and the most adorable thing ever.Your favorite is still bunny, and he goes everywhere with us. I’ve been trying and trying to find another bunny just for backup, but I’m having bad luck. I found some on e-bay so we’re hoping to get him soon so bunny will be forever, and not a piece of string when you get older. *Poor bunny*
You can sit in a shopping cart like a big girl now, and love it. You think you are the biggest kid driving around in the cart, and you seriously snatch anything you can get your hands on while we push by. You love shopping with mommy and mommy loves shopping with you. You make my heart melt baby Dovie.
We got you a pak-n-play so when you do start moving around if I’m not right by you, you can’t get into anything. You were rolling by the fireplace and under the coffee table and almost getting hurt, so we decided to start now. You don’t really like your baby cage, but it’s cute and safe, so that’s just something you’ll have to get used to.

You have started saying “da da” now still look for me to make sure I’m right by your side. We’re best friends Dovie. And nothing will ever change that and the love I have for you.
Happy 7 month Birthday sweet Lillian Rose!



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