A quick update (mostly photos):

The past week we’ve been busy busy busy.
We’ve been spending time at home mostly, and having our mama & baby friends over.
Our mornings are spent watching Yo Gabba Gabba, and playing with our kitters.


(Obi is a boy, I promise.)

While at home we do the normal. Laundry, cleaning, eating, sleeping, and playing.

(Baby bunny!)
(Laundry helper.) 

(Optimus Prime & a very unhappy Lilly.)

(My beautiful vacuum that hubby bought me! YAY!)

(Snuggly bunny, baby bunny, and bunny blanket.)
This mama also went to Taylor Swift last night with one of my best friends.
It was my very first time to be away from Lillian for more than 2 hours, and not see her off to bed.
I about almost died, but I made it through and had a great time! 
(I actually put make up on, put my hair down, and well, I wore jeans. Not yoga pants or a skirt.)

 Hubby has been busy as usual, working and working. He did a really big catering last week and it had over 4,000 people attending. I didn’t go, but of course the food looked amazing. I’m so proud of him and his awesomeness at making food taste and look beautiful.
(My body hates him though. Go. Away. Baby. Weight. + Chef. Wife. Weight.) Ugh.

(Freaking amazing.)

And that’s about all I have for this post.
My baby sister (one out of three) is in town from Baylor and I’m so excited to see her!
Too bad she leaves like, tomorrow and only got here Thursday. Lame.


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