It’s almost Halloween, and it’s almost my birthday! YAY!
This is my most favorite time of the year. The air, the smell, the food, the coffee overload and the amazing flavors of fall at Starbucks make my life. So yum. Also, the febreeze limited edition make me want to scream and put a dint in our bank account.

This time last year, I was depressed. On bedrest, away from my hubby, sad and lonely. (except for my amazing family.) This year it’s completely the opposite. I’m happy, i’ve got a beautiful daughter that is the highlight of my life, and a chef of a husband that I love so very dearly. So all of the sacrifices of last year were completely worth it.

Sister came and went. We ate out, A LOT. And the past weekend was filled with busy, busy things.
Here’s a re-cap:

(Brandon tends to ruin things, but oh well. The only person missing was my daddy, and he was at a football game, so boo-hiss, we used his credit card.)

The rest of this week daddy has actually gotten to spend time with us and not work so much, which is lovely and fun! It also helps mama out a lot with a teething baby. Just when I’m about to pull my hair out, I can toss her to him and not worry about how I’d look bald. (cause truth is i’d be gross.)

Other half
He truly is my other half.

Lilly has been using the baby cage a bit more, but still refusing to crawl, so really whats the point when she just wants to sit up and play. Here’s the caged animal:
Baby cagin' it up
So serious today,

And now, I leave you with mummy’s little halloween baby. She’s figured out how to say “hat” repeatidly, which is not mama and it makes me angry. But man it’s cute. Perhaps she’s trying to say cat? Either way, love it. And I love the way she crosses her little feet like a proper lady.
I adore her, seriously.
My little candy cornSeriously cutest leg crossing ever!


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