Playing "ketchup" (catch-up)

Happy birthday me!
Tuesday was my birthday, and it was amazing. Probably one of the best birthdays yet, except for the one where my husband (then boyfriend, asked me to be his wife.)
It was filled with presents galore, food, and great friends & family. Perfect for me.
I felt a little under the weather, but it went away thank goodness.
(Even though it was MY birthday, I hate my picture being taken, so there is mostly pictures of my adorable baby. I know, no one wanted to see pictures of me anyway.)

Beautiful Dove at my Birthday Breakfast, where she ate some pancakes and her baby mum mums. She also proceeded to completely have a blowout which resulted in us leaving due to not having another outfit and walking out of ihop with a naked baby in a diaper and a jacket..

More pictures of my week consist of cleaning, Lillian and more cleaning. Bottles, cleaning bottles, cleaning house. Blah blah blah, so here are pictures because there is nothing else to really write about.
The queen is in!
Toy washing day!
Throwing this outfit away....

Today things took sorta of a serious turn, as I woke up with a heavy heart.
On this 3 years ago, I lost one of my best friends. I love you, and miss you always.

As if things were sad enough, it’s been raining all night and is in the 30’s here. Which is awesome, because I love that weather but it’s very depressing on top of this day. Also, Dove had to get her flu shot, which I was very weary about considering the side-effects, but she seems to be doing ok, so i’m not too worried. Let’s just hope that it doesn’t turn bad on me with loads of fever, screaming, and a huge knot. :/
Here’s her before shots though, adorable in her pea-coat as always. 🙂
Cold weather
Freaking cute!

And that’s about all, there are your pictures.
And that’s all I really had to say.


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