Happy Halloweenie (part 1)

Daddy’s been working a bunch lately, which means Dove and I have been doing our Halloween activties with just us two. It makes us sad, but we still have a good time anyway!

We went with our pals to the Ranching Hertiage Center where they have all of the old houses, and we strolled/walked to them getting candies & whatnot. It was was chilly and fun. We then went to eat out with some friends and headed home.

Then, on Saturday night we all went to my parents neighbors house for a little Halloween party she throws every year. We weren’t there long, because lets face it once you have kids, your days of staying out late are over. (That is, with the child. And sometimes without the child.) But anyway, she was a lamb to that party because well, that adorable Giraffe costume was a tad bit too small, and me being the terrible mother that I am, didn’t realize that until we were there. Damn my husbands tall genes.
So, here’s little lamby:
I'm dying!
That’s pretty much all the decent pictures I got that night.
But as for the past two days, we’ve continued to be a little baby lamb and wear that adorable freaking hat out in public everywhere. We even wear it when we’re at home watching tv with our kitty.
Went on a lunch date with this little lamb!
Watching tv with her bestie
(Link creeps in every single picture, seriously.)

Also, I’m having a little mini-heart attack because Lillian’s “bunny” is apparently not made anymore. That’s right people. NOT MADE ANYMORE.  
I really don’t know what I’m going to do. Hopefully bunny will hang on for a couple more years, but lets face it, his ears are crusty, smelly and his legs and arms are slowly becoming flatter. Let’s just pray and hope he’ll last.
And if anyone would care to be a God and help me find another one, or has another one, GIVE IT TO ME NOW. Thanks.

And here is just cute pictures of Lilly:

In love with this face!
Such beauty!
I know. She’s amazing.  (And so is CatPaint!)

And now, here is a video I made of my adorable freaking child with Splice on my phone. It was fun, and I really wish I had more photos/video footage to use, but oh well. It’s my first video, won’t be my last and it’s still precious as hell.
Enjoy folks!


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