Halloween (part 2) Not so Happy.

I was going to blog and post about how cute Lilly was on Halloween night, all dressed in her costume and pretending to trick or treat, but that didn’t happen.

Lilly got a bad case of the tummy bug I’m pretty sure (it’s been going on for a week now) and it’s finally starting to ease up. Yes people, I’m talking the big “D” and it getting everywhere, constantly, non-stop, on my floor, clothes, etc.
We proceeded in taking lots of baths, doing lots of laundry and well, going through a lot of diapers. This is a time when I’m glad I don’t cloth diaper. (Although I still wish I did.)
At one point, I even put two diapers on my child. Yes. I actually did it. It did help.
Yes. I put  2 diapers on my child this morning.  Go away !
What mom?!
Lilly loves it though...
Away in a manger.

Other than the Shitsplosion 2011 (that’s what I’m calling this past week) things have been going decent. Mommy & baby play dates, more cleaning around the house. Some daddy time. Blah blah.
The usual stay at home mom stuff, ya know? Not sleeping. Rare breaks. Coffee. Coffee. COFFEE.

Here is something I can talk about though, and it’s a bit winey. But hey, it’s my blog.
Lately i’ve been taking out frustration on the fact that my husband works mostly nights. He usually goes in at 3 pm and gets home around midnight. Life of a chef. Life of a chef’s wife, completely alone at night for dinner and going to bed. Putting Lilly in the bath, bed, etc. It’s not his fault, and I’m so glad I can call my husband a Chef. I’m really proud of him, it’s just that all my friends’s husbands go to work early, they do their mommy/wife stuff, cook dinner for the hubby to come home too. And when everyone goes home to their wives, my husband is leaving me alone to eat ramen by the tv again.
We try to treat lunch as (family dinner) but it’s still just not the same. I want to watch our shows together. I just want him in the living room with me. But oh well. It’s something I’m going to have to really get used to, because all in all he IS a Chef, he makes delicious dinner for other people. He brings in the bacon and I guess I’m ok with that, I’m just bitching about being lonely.
But, I am very thankful for the days we get to spend together, walking around target, grabbing lunch, etc. See? I guess its all ok. I’m just winey.
My loves ❤
Axe time!

As for Lilly, she’s still not crawling. Walking around in her walker ripping books of my shelf, throwing things in the toilet, and opening cabinets. But not crawling. She can pretty much stand on her own though for a long time. Insane. She might also be teething again (NOOOOOOOO) but her bottom chompers have sure grown in nicely. 🙂
Her teeth are growing in nicely!
Funniest hat ever.

Finally asleep!
(sorta my new favorite picture of us, Lilly asleep, something that is so rare.)


One thought on “Halloween (part 2) Not so Happy.

  1. Oh I had my heart set on how Halloween was SUPPOSED to happen and ended up dealing with a child with a bug too! gross.

    when Oliver was around Lilly's age Nate ended up on a project at work that had him on night shifts. at first it was tough, but i ended up enjoying it. We had an early dinner/late lunch and i had to do bath and bed time myself (which I would HATE to do now!) and then I was on my own. I ended up staying up til he got home anyway. I got to watch all the tv shows he hates and spend hours on facebook without feeling guilty, i actually really liked the time to be allll by myself….AND having him with me during the day was so wonderful. He got to spend awesome quality time with the baby too.


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