Recently enjoyed things,

I'm so in love with this little Dove!
First sucker!!! Nom Nom.
Oh,just coffee and some shenanigans with my iPhone apps.  
(As I was blogging this morning 6 am people! 6! My child hates sleep…Anyway, it’s now 7 and so far this morning we’ve had a bottle, shit on the floor and had a bath. Oh. My. God.)
Continuing wish my post:

These are things that I’ve been recently enjoying/obsessing over lately.
1.) Braids.

The sad thing is I don’t know how to french braid/fishtail braid, etc. Only braid. I need to learn!
There are bunches of youtube videos out there showing you how, but I’m just that stupid and don’t have the time to study on how to do my hair cute. So, until then, my braids and hair constnatly look like this:
Mom hair.My hairs are growing. Also, I need a re-dye.

2.) Balsamic Vinaigrette and dipping many things into it. CONSTANT.
Dinner for two.
(Dinner for two at our house.)

3.) Dressing my child in rediculous things.
(fairy wings, cute hats, necklaces, bracelets, and pulling her pants up super high.)
Fairy girl,
Basketball court time.

4.) Air fresheners. (This has always been an obsession, but thanks to my birthday and lovely family/friends I got a Scentsy and like, 349085039 things of air fresheners/sprays.)

(Mine aren’t foreign though.)

5.) Giving my child a lime. OMG.
The great lime adventure!

6.) Fall time seasonal foods/drinks/things.
(Brownie points for hubby.)
Good points for hubby! ☕

7.) Making photo collages of then & nows.
When did my little baby grow up?
How much my love has changed!

8.) Always cats and cat vidoes.
Seriously every time i go to the restroom, he's there wanting a drink..

9.) Baths. Bath salts.

Bubble baby!!

10.) Park time. Always park time.
(I’m completely hating the time change now, and that it’s pitch black at 6 pm.)


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